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Year Five

What to Expect in Year Five



In Maths this half-term we will be learning about shapes and how to find their different properties. As well as this, we will begin to understand position and direction and find out about translation in different quadrants. We will start to understand missing angles and how to find them as well as learning about volume! Throughout the whole half term, we will also continue practising our arithmetic skills on Fridays. 


In Literacy, we will be continuing our work on Holes by Louis Sachar. We will be focusing on newspaper articles, creating our own newspaper bulletins as well as a newspaper report. We will also be developing our narrative writing skills and writing descriptively. We will be looking at direct and reported speech, suing higher level punctuation and improving our vocabulary choices.


During this term in Science we will be studying Growing Old. The super scientists in Year 5 will explore and identify the effects aging and the different steps in an aging human. This will include changes to the body that occur during puberty. Children will also learn about gestation periods of a wide variety of animals.


In History we will be exploring how to use a variety of sources to establish what life was like when Hadrian’s Wall was built, investigate the rise of The Berlin Wall, demonstrate their knowledge of significant walls in history and to investigate the defense and attack features of different types of castles.


Walls and Barricades is again our focus for Geography as we delve further into the reasons for comparing and contrasting the information that can be obtained through the use of an atlas or Google Earth when investigating The Great Wall of China.


This half term in ICT, Year Five will take on the role of E-safety experts to learn a wide range of skills in how to be safe on the Internet


This term in P.E we will be focusing on playing fairly and strategically through ball games such as Cricket. Alongside this, we will be developing our skills in Athletics.


Year Five Staff

Year Five Staff 1 Mrs Kelly
Year Five Staff 2 Mr Summlar
Year Five Staff 3 Mrs Bains
Year Five Staff 4 Miss Paul

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