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Year One

What to Expect in Year One


In Literacy, we will firstly write a recount of our Easter holiday using time openers and conjunctions. Then, linking with our ‘Our Local Area’ topic, we will explore photographs of city and countryside scenes, writing a report of what we have discovered, using drama and our senses to help us. This will lead us beautifully on to the story of ‘The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse’. We will describe the characters, using drama and hot-seating to really get into role, and then use this to help us become one of the mice and write a thank you letter to our cousin for our holiday! Our Spelling and Grammar focus this half term will be using varied punctuation in our writing including exclamation marks and question marks. We will do further work on –ed and –est suffixes and learn how to use the conjunction ‘because’ to link ideas together.



In Numeracy, we will be exploring Multiplication and Division this half term. We will look at making equal and unequal groups and then leading onto making arrays. The children will explore making arrays and understanding how arrays will help them; they will understand what rows and columns are in arrays. We will then move onto looking at doubling numbers 1-20 and then sharing which links into division. The children will look at fractions, finding a half and a quarter of shapes and numbers. The children are being encouraged to use the correct vocabulary when discussing the different topics they are being taught, and they will continue using A.P.E in their reasoning and problem solving tasks. 


This term’s topic is ‘Our Local Area’. In Geography, we will explore the areas around school, and beyond our school fence, to find out more about natural and man-made features where we live such as buildings, roads, trees and bridges. We will use photographs, maps and internet resources to find out more about our local area. Children will learn a range of geographical vocabulary to enable them to describe what they have found out. Children will then use what they have learned about maps and plans to create a map of a route around school. In Design & Technology, we will study and evaluate homes in our local area looking at their style and shape, and the design of roofs, doors, windows etc. We will then design and make a model of our home using a range of materials including boxes, cardboard and paper, and put our homes together to make a street! To finish our topic, we will be inviting family members to come into school to tell us about jobs and careers in our local are.  We will arrange a date and let you know soon.


Our new topic in Science is ‘Plants’. The children will build upon their knowledge of past experiences in planting. The children will begin the topic by planting a bean and then monitoring each week how it is growing. They will look at identifying and naming common plants and trees. The children will also identify and compare the basic structure of plants and trees, including roots, leaves, petals, trunk and stem. We will look at the key vocabulary ‘deciduous’ and ‘evergreen’ and look at a variety of leaves in order to sort them into these groups.

Year One Staff

Year One Staff 1 Mrs Khanam
Year One Staff 2 Mr Walmsley
Year One Staff 3 Mrs Hamley
Year One Staff 4 Mrs Wheeldon
Year One Staff 5 Mrs Targett

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