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Year Five

What to Expect in Year Five


This half term, Year 5 will be investigating Mexico and the Mayans, a civilisation whose power was felt throughout Central America for thousands of years but who mysteriously ‘disappeared’!


In Literacy we will link our lessons to our topic work on Mexico and the Mayans, using their traditional beliefs to explore Mayan Gods and Legends create our own myth and mythical creature.  We will also be focusing on performance poetry and writing our own poetry too.


In Numeracy we will cover a very wide range of topics during the half-term, most of which will be revision of key areas.  We will be working on rounding and ordering and comparing numbers; recap on negative numbers; and further our understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages. We will continue to work on our fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills.


In Science we will be completing a number of investigations focusing on Growing Up and Growing Old.  We will also be looking at famous scientists and their influences upon the world.


Our work in the afternoons on Mexico and the Mayans will see us explore Mexico’s location (latitude and longitude) and investigate the life of a typical Mexican including diet, beliefs and culture.   We will look into the Mayan religion and think about how it compares to religions that are popular today. Finally, we will look at a wide range of evidence in order to solve the riddle of how such an important and sophisticated civilisation came to end.  We will also have D.T. lessons where we will investigate and create moving toys using cams.

Year Five Staff

Year Five Staff 1 Mrs Dobson
Year Five Staff 2 Miss Paul
Year Five Staff 3 Mr Summlar

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