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Year Four

Welcome to Year 4

What to Expect in Year Four


In the first half of the Autumn Term, we will be focusing on the topic of Stratford and The Tudors. We will be researching to find out about different geographical features of Stratford, as well as studying key Tudor figures such as Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I. We will also be expressing our creativity through crafting Tudor roses and weaving during art. 


In English, we will be using William Shakespeare’s ‘Richard III’ as a stimulus for story writing. We will create descriptions of the characters and rewrite a section of the story. As well as this, we will develop our skills in newspaper report writing, linked to a significant event from the Tudor era. We will also be looking at poetry through ‘Jabberwocky’, by Lewis Carroll and recreating our own version of the famous poem.


In Maths, we will be practising the essential skills of place value, number, addition and subtraction, in order to enable us to become problem solvers. We will explore four digit numbers, learning how to partition them into thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. We will then learn how to round numbers and order them effectively. We will develop our understanding further using a range of reasoning and problem-solving questions.


In Science, we will be needing our magnifying glasses, as we are off on a bug hunt! This is linked with this term’s focus of ‘Living Things and their Habitats’. We will learn all about how to group plants and animals and explore the seven factors an organism must possess to be alive.


Year Four Staff

Year Four Staff 1 Miss Heath
Year Four Staff 2 Miss Wheeldon
Year Four Staff 3 Miss Wallbank

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