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What to Expect in Year One


During English this half term, we will be reading and exploring stories by Mick Inkpen, starting with ‘Kipper’s Toy Box’ to link with our ‘Toys’ topic. Children will learn more about characters in stories and develop their writing of lists, labels and captions, using finger spaces between words. They will write recounts of their summer holidays and trip to the Black Country Museum and learn how to follow and write instructions. We will focus on saying a sentence before we write it, using capital letters and full stops to punctuate sentences. Children will also learn to use capital letters for names of people and the pronoun ‘I’. Confident writers will begin to extend their sentences using conjunctions such as ‘and’ and ‘because’.


We will also develop children’s use of cursive writing, revising correct letter formation in preparation for joining letters later this year and learn to spell more common words correctly.


In Guided Reading, we will be exploring books by our class author Anthony Browne and look in depth at the characters and events in the stories.


During Maths this half term, we will be concentrating on developing children’s knowledge and understanding of place value and number. Children will count, read and write numbers to 10, in numerals and in words, learning to form digits correctly. They will practise counting to 10, and then 20, forwards and backwards, from any given number. Children will learn how to identify 1 more and 1 less than any given number and identify missing numbers in a sequence. They will begin to compare numbers and groups of objects using the vocabulary ‘greater’, ‘fewer’ and ‘equal to’. Children will also learn to add and subtract numbers to 10, including zero. Children will be encouraged to use a variety of apparatus to support their learning. They will also be encouraged to develop and build on their reasoning and problem-solving skills when completing tasks.


The focus of our topic this half term is Toys. Children will have the opportunity to compare their modern toys with toys from the past, asking questions such as ‘Which material is the old rocking horse made from?’  and ‘Why isn’t it made from plastic?’ They will learn how toys from the past are similar and different and begin to place toys on a timeline to show their age. Children will learn about toys from around the world and will also design, make and evaluate a peg doll and a moving toy within their Design and Technology learning.


In science, we will be exploring everyday objects and naming and identifying a range of materials, explaining how we know. Children will sort, group and test materials and begin to identify their properties, learning how they are different from each other. The children will then use what they have learned to make predictions and carry out an investigation to identify which material would be most suitable for an umbrella.

Year One Staff

Year One Staff 1 Mrs Green
Year One Staff 2 Mrs Hamley
Year One Staff 3 Mrs Khanam
Year One Staff 4 Mrs Targett
Year One Staff 5 Mr Walmsley

Year One English Expectations

Year One Maths Expectations

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