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Year Two

Welcome to Year 2

What to Expect in Year 2


During English this half term we will be concentrating on the diary entries created by Samuel Pepys and his recount of the Great Fire of London. Children will create a biography about Pepys’ life and how he came to be an influential figure within British History. They will also be given the opportunity to create a diary entry by adopting the role of Samuel Pepys by recounting the event through his eyes. Each week children will take part in a Big Write which will focus upon building and developing their use of varying vocabulary, punctuation and developing their ideas further. Children will also take part in role play and class discussions in order to develop their speaking and listening skills.


In Maths, we are continuing to practise the essential skills of place value and number, as well as addition and subtraction to enable us to apply our understanding to different types of sums to become confident problem solvers. Children will look at the value of each digit in two, three and four digit numbers. They will also learn how to partition numbers to show the different values within the number and they will order and sequence numbers depending upon their size. Children will develop their knowledge of the four written methods through word problems, investigations, four a day and verbal reasoning.  They will be encouraged to use various resources and stimuli to help further their mathematical skills and understanding. 


In Science, we will be learning about habitats. Children will be exploring different habitats for animals and plants.  They will also learn about the food chain within different habitats and how animals adapt in new habitats.


The focus of our topic this half term is ‘The Great Fire of London’. Children will look at the city geographically – population size, towns, location in UK and looking at how it has changed over time. Children will also look at how and why the fire spread so easily and why it lasted for so long by noting the differences in buildings/streets between then and now.


Year Two Staff

Year Two Staff 1 Miss Clarke
Year Two Staff 2 Mr Hussain
Year Two Staff 3 Mrs Jennings

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